PCP Air Rifles

PCP air rifles are a great choice for many use-cases.

Often (but not always) PCP rifles include a multi-shot magazine, saving time reloading during target shooting, and perhaps more importantly, allowing for a fast, 2nd ‘kill shot’ should the first shot not give a clean kill when hunting (though one should ALWAYS aim for a clean kill with the first shot, and only shoot when confident.

Below you can find a list of PCP air rifles from Weihrauch and BSA:

Weihrauch PCP Air Rifles


Weihrauch HW110 & HW110K

hw110 Weihrauch’s latest pre-charged air rifle is the HW 110. Its weight and overall size raise the bar for pre-charged air guns. The 10-shot magazine

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Daystate PCP Air Rifles

BSA PCP Air Rifles

goldstar se

BSA Goldstar SE Air Rifle

The Gold Star SE is the first purpose-built PCP target rifle to emerge from the Birmingham Factory. Accuracy is the most important prerequisite for disciplines

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bsa pcp ultra clx

BSA Ultra CLX – JSR – SE

ultra clx A very comfortable ambidextrous grip with studs for sling or bipod attachments – a wonderful addition that saves you from drilling into the

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BSA Silverstar Air Rifle

It’s no secret that all BSAs are known for their exceptional accuracy, and the Silver Star sports target rifle (4.5mm) is no exception.The Silver Star

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