Daystate Red Wolf Heritage Air Rifle

Air Rifle Type: PCP

red wolf heritage daystate air rifle

The Red Wolf Heritage has a bronze and carbon fiber finish, as well as matching laminate woodwork. The new Red Wolf Heritage reminds shooters that, in addition to being the industry leader in air rifle technology, Daystate also produces some of the best-looking rifles in a more traditional form.

 The Red Wolf has been labeled one of the most beautiful air rifles of all time. The elegance of a Daystate air rifle, on the other hand, is never superficial. A digitally-controlled heart pulses inside the Heritage’s ornate façade, a homage to Daystate’s 15-year expertise in developing electronically-controlled air weapons (a field no other air rifle manufacturer has yet been able to even enter).

The Limited Edition Heritage contains the very latest modifications introduced to the Red Wolf over its three-year manufacturing, including the critically renowned A.R.T barrel and MCT technology, ensuring match-like accuracy out to the most extreme ranges.

Air Rifle Stats

Fill PressureUp to 250 BAR
ActionSide lever - reversible
Weight3.5 kg - 7.5 lb
Barrel Length43 cm - 17 in
Total Length99 cm - 39 in
Magazine10 - 13 Shot
Cylinder Capacity480 cc
TriggerElectronic release
OptionsBronze 0dB silencer - custom Gun Box - Charging adapter


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