Daystate Huntsman Revere Air Rifle

Air Rifle Type: PCP

hunstmen revere daystate air rifle

The Huntsman Revere is the first Huntsman to have a side lever action. Because the mechanism considerably decreases cocking effort, side lever actions are especially popular among shooters of higher-powered air rifles. Further improvements to the Huntsman’s hammer and valve system, as well as the introduction of a HUMA-Air Regulator, elevate the weapon to current target rifle performance standards.

Of course, the Revere model has all of the characteristics that have made the Huntsman the standard in PCP sporter design. It has a shrouded match-grade barrel, a two-stage adjustable trigger, and a superb sporter stock that cradles a lower-seated action to improve handling.

The magazine spins a pellet into the bore line when the cocking lever is pressed back. On the forward closing stroke, the pellet is inserted into the bore, and the lever is magnetically assisted to close, a delightful sensation.

Air Rifle Stats

Fill Pressure250 BAR
ActionSide lever
Weight2.8 kg - 6.1 lb
Barrel Length43 cm - 17 in
Total Length92.8 cm - 36.5 in
Magazine13 Shot
Cylinder Capacity132 cc
Trigger2 Stage mechanical release
StockWalnut sporter
OptionsUpgraded stock - left-handed stock - 0dB silencer - Airstream silencer


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