PCP Air Rifles

PCP air rifles are a great choice for many use-cases.

Often (but not always) PCP rifles include a multi-shot magazine, saving time reloading during target shooting, and perhaps more importantly, allowing for a fast, 2nd ‘kill shot’ should the first shot not give a clean kill when hunting (though one should ALWAYS aim for a clean kill with the first shot, and only shoot when confident.

Below you can find a list of PCP air rifles from Weihrauch and BSA:

Weihrauch PCP Air Rifles

Daystate PCP Air Rifles

delta wolf daystate air rifle

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

The Delta Wolf is the first “smart” air rifle that can respond to the shooter’s demands automatically. It features a sleek design and a top-of-the-line

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red wolf safari daystate air rifle

Daystate Red Wolf Safari Air Rifle

The Red Wolf Safari air rifle keeps Daystate’s typical great looks while including their most recent technical breakthroughs, the Daystate ART Barrel and Electronic GCU

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BSA PCP Air Rifles

bsa pcp scorpion se

BSA Scorpion SE Air Rifle

The BSA Scorpion SE is a fantastic great-value rifle for shooters who want outstanding performance without breaking the budget. BSA ensures high performance by using

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scorpion cadet

BSA Scorpion Cadet

The BSA Scorpion Cadet is a training and competition weapon designed expressly for the purposes of the Military Cadet Force. The BSA Cadet is the

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