weihrauch hW100 Air Rifle (PCP)

Air Rifle Type: PCP

weihrauch hw100s
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Air Rifle UK Podcast

The Weihrauch HW100 Air Rifle comes in various different models, which are listed in detail below. This rifle does exactly what you would expect from a PCP and more! Available in full length or shorter carbine models (K Models)


Below you can find the various Weihrauch HW100 rifle models, with a little info on each.

The HW100 is the first pre-charged air rifle from Weihrauch has mind-blowing features like:

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Vibration free shot release
  • Rapid repeating
  • 14-shot magazine capacity
  • Filled air cartridge with 200 bar
  • Structural pressure gauge and quick-fill apparatus
  • Available in cal. .177″ (4.5 mm) and .22″ (5.5 mm)
  • Reliable and steady
  • Two stage convertible match trigger with manual safety.

HW 100S

The model HW100S (Sport) is furnished with a customary muzzle-break.  (A moderator can be purchased for an upgrade.)

Compact and sleek sporter stock, polished walnut, with speckles on the pistol grip and forearm, pistol grip cap, versatile for both left and right hand . (A scope can be purchased for an upgrade.)

HW 100SK

Like model HW 100 S, however, as a carbine version. Very handy and compact, short sporter stock, handy and elegant, polished walnut, with checkering on the pistol grip and forearm, pistol grip cap, right hand only.

HW 100T

The HW100 T is the Thumb stock variant of the HW100. It’s the same awesome rifle, but with a thumbtack instead of a pistol grip. This is down to personal preference (I personally like a thumb stock, others may prefer a pistol grip). 

This version is also available with a laminated stock or a synthetic stock in olive drab or in a black / grey version with soft grey inserts.

HW 100TK

Like model HW 100 T, however, as a carbine version. Very handy and compact, short thumbhole stock with cheek piece, handy and elegant, polished walnut, with lateral finger grooves in the forearm, versatile for both and left hand..

HW 100 Special Editions

HW 100F.S.B.

The HW100 F.S.B (fully shrouded barrel) version of the rifle is available in all variants (S, SK, T, TK). The HW100 F.S.B features a fully shrouded barrel and integrated moderator. (A scope can be purchased for an upgrade.)

HW100T Laminated Stock

Available in a brown-brown laminate stock. This is the non-carbine (full length) version with a thumbhole stock, featuring an adjustable cheek-piece and butt-plate. The synthetic stock variant of the rifle is available in black/grey, featuring soft grey inserts and an adjustable butt-plate. Also available in olive, green/grey.

Air Rifle Stats

Air Rifle Charge Type Pre-Charged (PCP)
Calibre Available.22, 20 (special order), .177



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