If you’re looking for a new air rifle and are trying to figure out what’s the best air rifle in the UK, then our guide to air rifle brands will help. Below is a list of the brands we consider to be amongst the top Air Rifle brands. 

Check out the contents table below for a quick overview of the brands, and the the article for more info.

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Daystate Air Rifles

Daystate is one of the UK’s Premier Airgun Manufacturers and have a solid reputation for building world-beating airguns. Daystate air rifles are excellent for recreation, sports, hunting and pest control. Daystate are said to offer one of the the finest customer warranty packages in the airgun industry. daystatelogo

Air Arms Air Rifles

Air Arms are a Sussex based brand, established in 1983. They state they produce ONLY the best air rifles,

Air Arms manufacture a range of air guns, from competition rifles through to highly accurate and powerful hunting rifles.

Weihrauch Air Rifles

Weihrauch are a German based brand that boasts an amazing range of air weapons, known for being extremely high quality.

Weihrauch’s air rifles are renowned to be solidly built and are actually used by several top competitor shooters. However owning a Weihrauch doesn’t have to cost the Earth, as the brand also has a range of consumer weapons, that are excellent for extremely accurate target shooting and alsopest control.

One of the most popular examples of their rifles is the popular Weihrauch HW100 PCP air rifle range.

BSA Air Rifles

BSA – The Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd, was founded in 1861. This makes BSA one of the oldest British air rifle brands, and are well known for creating world-leading air rifles.

BSA make both Springers and PCP air rifles

Brocock Air Rifles

The Brocock company was founded in Birmingham in 1989 by the Silcock brothers.

Brocock create very high-end air guns, from pistols through to PCP hunting air rifles. Brocock is no longer in English hands however, being bought out in 2014 by Dianna Group, who own the Italian gun makers Marocchi and Breda.

Crosman Air Rifles

When it comes to air rifles, Crossman are extremely well known and respected. Their background in innovative air rifle design dates right back to 1924, when they released the first pneumatic pump action air gun,

For several decades, Crossman has been at the forefront of air gun tech, producing some excellent CO2 air guns

Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo, established in 1961, claims to be the largest air gun manufacturer in Europe.

Gamo ammunition, as well as their guns, are well known for for accuracy and power. Gamo manufacturer some excellent air weapons, from target rifles through to some brilliant hunting air rifles, including PCP air rifles for hunting.

Umarex Air Rifles

If you’re looking for an air rifle or air pistol that’s a replica of a firearm, Umarex are for you. They are very well known for creating licensed replicas of real firearm brands, including Smith & Wesson, Colt, Beretta, and more.

Beeman Air Rifles

Beeman air rifles are known for beating the expectations of their customers and producing good quality, accurate air rifles. In addition to air rifles, Beeman also produce both air rifle accessories and air pistols.