Daystate Wolverine Forester Air Rifle

Air Rifle Type: PCP

wolverine forester daystate air rifle

The Daystate design team agreed to partner with the HUMA company and use an OEM regulator for the Wolverine application. Huma is known as one of the best regulators for sports and target air rifles. When shooting the Wolverine Forester, the pressure in the plenum chamber remains constant throughout the rifle’s air supply until it reaches or falls below the regulator pressure level. The user can alter this parameter to customize the gun to the appropriate degree of performance.

With the Wolverine R’s popularity, it was only natural to adorn the rifle for Daystate’s 40th anniversary. The Forester stock was originally seen on the Huntsman Forester Limited Edition, and the Wolverine Forester Limited Edition followed suit. To commemorate the past, they provide the Wolverine R in a Limited Edition Forester Stock.

 Not only does it increase shot-to-shot consistency as the rifle cycles through its effective air charge, but it also improves downrange accuracy.

Air Rifle Stats

Fill PressureUp to 230 BAR
ActionSide lever - reversible
Weight3.5 kg - 7.5 lb
Barrel Length43 cm - 17 in
Total Length96.5 cm - 38 in
Magazine10 Shot
Cylinder Capacity200 cc
Trigger2 Stage mechanical release
SafetyManual - cross bar - lever open deactivation
StockWalnut or Grey laminate sporter
OptionsUpgraded stock - Airstream silencer


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