Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Air Rifle Type: PCP

delta wolf daystate air rifle

The Delta Wolf is the first “smart” air rifle that can respond to the shooter’s demands automatically. It features a sleek design and a top-of-the-line interior. This is an air rifle of the future. The Delta Wolf is the first Daystate air rifle to include an improved tactical form that is eye-catching for any air rifle shooter.

The Delta Wolf’s electronic core is a next-generation touch screen Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) that allows the selection of pre-set calibre-specific power levels. AVT may also link to other devices through Bluetooth and is built to accommodate future updates and technological advances.

Users may also change the pressure in the Huma-Air regulator and take advantage of the benefits of a spacious secondary chamber to achieve accurate velocities. The detachable 480cc carbon bottle’s efficiency and shot count are improved via a new quick-flow valve system.

A new design, a higher-capacity self-indexing magazine mechanism with a capacity of eight to thirteen rounds, is controlled with a smooth side-lever cocking action that can be moved to the left in less than a minute by the shooter. The Delta Wolf has two magazines that can be inserted from either side and may be used in tandem to double the shot count.

Air Rifle Stats

Fill PressureUp to 240 BAR
ActionSide lever - reversible
Weight3.4 kg - 7.4 lb
Barrel Length43 cm - 17 in
Total Length72 cm - 28.4 in
Cylinder Capacity480 cc
TriggerElectronic release
StockAlloy - Black Anodised - Bronze Cerkote
OptionsPRS Accessories 0dB Silencer - AimGrip Bipod


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