Weihrauch HW99S Air Rifle

Air Rifle Type: Springer


The Weihrauch HW 99 S is an entry-level springer rifle, yet it is still a fantastic rifle.

The HW99 S is sometimes described as a smaller version of the famed Weihrauch HW80 break barrel springer, but reduced weight isn’t its main compelling feature: it’s a very efficient, easy-to-handle full-power hunter. Since it is intended to be used with open sights, the stock has been carefully crafted to assist the shooter in getting the most out of the rifle.Because of the lower cheek piece, your head will always be properly aligned with the sights, and the rifle’s compact for-end makes it simple to hold. The ideal choice for the entire family

Air Rifle Stats

Trigger2-Stage match rekord trigger
Weight3.2 kg - 7 lb
Barrel Length41 cm - 16 in
Total Length105 cm - 41 in
Charge TypeSpring Piston - break barrel
StocksSporter - beechwood
HandLeft and Right
Loading MechanismSingle shot



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