Weihrauch 95K + Silencer

Air Rifle Type: Springer

hw95k silencer

The Weihrauch HW95k HE silencer is a beautiful break barrel spring rifle. The solid oak stock is strong and lightweight, and the appearance will remind you of your childhood airguns. The HW95 is a full-powered air rifle that is unquestionably one of Weihrauch’s best-selling models.
Fitted with the excellent Hw Silencer. The HW95K is a full-size sporter rifle that is compact and very well balanced, making it a versatile weapon. The hw95 has a break barrel action that is full power, simple to operate, and dependable, which is necessary for shooting in the field or on the range.

The barrel is a rifled steel barrel manufactured by Weihrauch to exacting specifications to provide maximum accuracy at all times.
The trigger is a two-stage Rekord unit that can be fine-tuned to the individual shooter and offers a crisp and clean let off for a fantastic shooting experience. There is also an automated safety that activates when the barrel is cocked. Instead of open sights, a Weihrauch silencer is installed to the end of the screw cut barrel to drastically minimize muzzle report. The cylinder features machine cut scope grooves to accommodate a scope, giving this a high-quality all-around springer.

Air Rifle Stats

TypeSpring piston - break barrel
Weight 3.2 kg - 7.14 lb
Length114 cm - 44.8 in
SightsDovetail rail



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