BSA GRT Lightning XL SE

Air Rifle Type: Gas Ram

lightning sx se bsa springer

As soon as you start using it, the lightweight BSA GRT Lightning SE confirms it. No need to be concerned about handling, as it rises to the shoulder as quickly as any similar carbine and has a solid, trustworthy feel when locked on target. By gently squeezing the trigger, the carbine nudges the shoulder while shooting with very minimal recoil and muzzle report and a high level of accuracy capability. The bulky Volumetric silencer that BSA includes as standard with the rifle significantly reduces muzzle report. In a nutshell, the BSA GRT Lightning SE is an excellent carbine, and if you want to test the alternative strut unit, you could be seduced by the reduced recoil, faster lock time, and precise consistency it provides.

more benefits

In addition to these advantages, the gas ram offers other benefits that improve the shooter’s experience. When discharged, the gas ram does not vibrate, resulting in less gun motion when the trigger is pulled; the pellet leaves the barrel at a higher speed, resulting in better accuracy; the gas ram has a longer life expectancy than a spring, with less likelihood of power loss due to metal fatigue, and the cocking action is smoother and more even.

Air Rifle Stats

Caliber.177 - .22
Velocity700 FPS
Max Muzzle Velocity807 ft/s - 571 ft/s
Weight 3.1 kg - 7 lb
Barrel Length36.8 cm - 14.5 in
Total Length95 cm - 37.5 in
CapacitySingle shot
Trigger2 stage adjustable


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